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Monday, July 06, 2015

Jul 6 2006

Status: Mourning. Disappointed.
Music: Goodbye - Spice Girls

It's my favourite sport but sometimes, football can be the cruelest game in the world. I know, I know. Germany lost. And it's really difficult to absorb the truth. I have been mourning since that first goal from Italy and nothing has changed. It feels as if someone so dear to me had passed away. I have never loved a sport team this much. And the World Cup is over for us. It did not matter that I was a bit embarassed that people were seeing me shed tears on my way home.

Last two minutes! Last two minutes of EXTRA TIME! How cruel could fate get? Italy delivered two goals in the last dying seconds of the match. Germany did not expect that something like that would happen. They might have been very relaxed, waiting for a penalty shoot-out because they know it would be a sure-win for them. But the penalty shoot-out never came because Italy scored.

But I'm not blaming the players. They did a very good job in the tournament. It's just that the idea that Germany is not gonna be the World Champion saddens me so.

Anyway, I'm now hoping that France win. After all, they are my third favourite team. I don't care about the little bet I have with Josh. Our deal: P500 --- his if France wins; mine if Germany wins. But I have already lost. And I don't care if I lose P500. I just want France to win this time --- now that Germany has gone home.


written by yoshke at 02:46 am

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