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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dec 22 2005

Score: Back Here - BBMak
Pegs: Basta

Christmas break na pero haggard na haggard pa rin ako. More than 30 hours na kong gising. Kakagaling ko lang sa shoot ng Kubrador, isang digital film ni Jeffrey Jeturian para sa internship ko. Hindi na nga ako makapagsulat ng matino.

Isa pang dahilan ng pagka-haggard ko ay ang pagpaplano ng aming thesis. Kahit halos buo na ang aming production staff, problema naman namin ang cast. Nagback-out si Yul Servo dahil out of town daw sya sa araw ng aming mesademonyong shoot.

Bukod dito, busy-busyhan din ako sa paghahanap ng sponsor ng aming thesis para mabawasan ang aming gastos. Sponsorship letters pa nga pala waaaah!!! Sana ay makahanap ng sponsor ang aking hinayupak na thesis partner, yey, go Winwin!

Kailangan nga palang tapusin na rin ang script. Kailangan walang butas, sabi ng aming adviser. Kumusta naman yung ganun.

Pati yung mga theories, thesis statement, ideologies, RRL, research at interview namin sa mga psychologists, kailangan nang asikasuhin. Grabe na 'to. Mamamatay na yata ako.

Sana ay matapos na ang mga paghihirap na ito sa lalong madaling panahon. Na mukhang malabo dahil habang papalapit ng papalapit ang shooting day namin, lalo akong naha-haggard. At pagkatapos ng shoot, editing naman. Naku!

Sana ay galingan ni Prech ang pagmamanage ng aming production thesis para mabawasan ang aking paghihirap. Hehehe, Go Prech! Kaya mo yan. Wag ka mag-alala andun naman si ^$%^%$#% e. Hehehehe.

Pero bago nga ang lahat, kelangan muna naming maghanap ng pera para sa aming pelikula.

May KAS100 report pa nga pala. OMG!

Putangina. Hayup ka  Kelan ba kita makakalimutan???

Pero masaya pa rin ako.     =P

written by yoshke at 05:21 am
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dec 20 2005

Score: Push The Button - Sugababes
Pegs: Basta

I've just seen Peter Jackson's King Kong. I sooo love it. But when I was inside the theatre, I kept thinking about Josh. Not because he looks like that giant gorilla but because he invited me to watch it with him but there I was enjoying the film alone. Poor Josh.

Last early Saturday morning (1:00am to be exact), I received a text message from him asking me to see the film with him that same day. But I was already at my sister's place about to go to Batangas. It wasn't the first time that it happened. He always invites me to see films with him, but I always end up watching alone. And most of the time, he ends up not seeing the film at all.

Lesson here, Josh. There's such a thing as right, or at least good, timing. Okiedokie?

Anyway, I went DVD hunting kanina. I spent almost P3000. Grabe na 'to. Ang gastos ko. Patay na naman ako neto. Siguro naman OK lang. Pera ko naman e. Hehehehe. Peace mum!

After ng shoot ko tomorrow, balik na ko Batangas. I miss my friends there. Madonna, Jason and Cocoy, here I come...!

And oh, it's official. I'm now an Adrien Brody fan. Galeeeng! (Matagal na ko fan ni Naomi Watts e.)

written by yoshke at 10:18 pm
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Monday, December 12, 2016

Dec 12 2005

 Romantic Comedy
Score: Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack
Pegs: Love Actually

A quote from my favourite romantic comedy of all time.

"With any luck by next year.

I'll be going out with one of these girls:

Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Catherine Zeta Jones, Natalie Portman

But for now, let me say

Without hope or agenda

Just because it's Christmas

(And at Christmas you tell the truth),

To me, you are perfect

And my wasted heart will love you

Until you look like this:

Merry Christmas."

Enough, Yoshke. Enough.

written by yoshke at 08:52 pm
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dec 11 2005

Score: Stickwitu - The Pussycat Dolls
Pegs: Basta

The world is soooo NOT vegetarian-friendly.

I don't believe that cigarettes are addictive.

Nene made it! Big Smile

Pinoy Big Brother is over. Sad

I loved the ball and my date.

Twenty-plus shots of tequila and brandy = courage.

I'm super happy and I know why.

Don't smile when I'm around; you know why.

Crucify Nicole Kidman's fiancé!

Josh, lunch tayo.

Maw, usap tayo.

Adrian, miss na kita!

Asta, yey! Bati na tayo!

This year is ending right.




written by yoshke at 06:52 pm
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Monday, December 05, 2016

December 5 2005

Score: Why Does It Always Rain On Me - Travis
Pegs: Mr. Bean

- I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. Goodbye girlfriend. I'm sorry. But I don't regret anything.

- My Playstation 2 is not reading any disc for some unknown reason.
- My videocam is not working after it crashed down a month ago.
- I broke my digicam and it won't switch on.
- And a few minutes earlier, I broke the fly of my jeans. I got another pair and destroyed it again accidentally.
- I even left the keys inside my apartment so I can't get in. I have to wait for Kuya A or Kuya Tops pa hanggang mamaya.
- I was supposed to bring my formal winter suit for the Cinema Yule Ball, but I forgot to put it in my bag this early morning. I only realised I left it in Batangas when I was already here in UP. Now I don't know what to wear para sa event na yun. Nice...
- Maw let me leave my things inside her car this afternoon. She gave me the keys and told me where her car was. I ended up trying to unlock somebody else's car. Good thing the owner of that car wasn't there.
- There must be something terribly wrong with me...

- It was my kuya's birthday yesterday. Can I just say na hindi na niya ako inaaway. Smoking is no longer an issue. Good for me. Yey!  =P
- Westlife is back. Haha. Sorry. Ang jologs ko. I'm a fan. Di ba Ace?
- Asan na ang Travis? Gustong-gusto ko sila.
- Isasama ako ni Jeffrey Jeturian sa shoot ng isa niyang digital film on Wednesday. Yey! Yey! Yey!

written by yoshke at 02:25 pm
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nov 30 2005

 Suburban Family Drama kemblar
Score: Baby I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton
Pegs: The Pianist

After three days of being sooo broke, I finally managed to find money for my survival (and internet expenses). Thanks to Kuya Tops (not my real brother but a friend who I consider a brother; and oh, pareho sila ng first name: Christopher)! Yey!!!

So why did I suddenly run out of cash when everybody knows I'm one of the people whose wallet never contains anything below P1000? [Actually, I got some dollars but I don't want to spend it since the Philippine peso is growing stronger these past few days. =P]

Here are the reasons:

One, I don't have any ATM account now. Some ages ago, I just withdrew money like there's no tomorrow, like it was bottomless. [Remember the treadmill thing?] But my mum grew tired of my prodigality so she confiscated my ATM card.

Two, my allowance was slashed from P2300 to 1200 every week after the yosi revelation incident. Imagine how difficult it was for me to accept a P1100 reduction!

Three, my Globe bill really tested my mum's patience after reaching almost P3000.

So there. I just wish it will end soon. As in really soon.

I can't ask for anything from my family now. I don't think I have the face to do it.

And since we're already talking about "face"...

I don't know what's wrong with me but my skin seems to pump more oil than the entire Arabian peninsula!!! I soooooo hate it. I thought I got it solved. But here it goes again....

written by yoshke at 09:07 pm
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nov 27 2005

Rating: GP
 Don't Love You No More - Craig David
Pegs: Waiting


With 47 active members, the UP Cineastes' Studio has decided not to open their application for this semester. To all who are planning to join our org, we're very sorry but you have to wait. But you can always approach us and have fun with us anytime this term (not as orgmates though, but as friends, which is better, I think.)

Katatapos lang ng semstarter ng Cineastes na ginanap sa Antipolo. Sa wakas natuloy na rin. Unang plano, HongKong (or joke lang ba yun?), tas naging Baguio, tas naging Laguna. Antipolo rin lang pala ang babagsakan namin. Some realisations and discoveries:
1. May phobia pala si Kacey sa swing. Grabe ang pag-iyak and pagwawala niya habang nagsi-swing. Naguilty naman ako kasi ako ang head ng swing station. Pero in fairness sa kanya, ginawa pa rin niya ang task. Go Kacey!
2. Sobra pala talaga ang smog na bumabalot sa buong Metro Manila. Actually, medyo manipis sa part ng Muntinlupa. Pero grabe, the environmentalist in me was freakin' out. (Not that I would quit smoking... Not again. =P)
3. Sobrang John Mayer fan pala itong si Via. At pareho kami ng fave JM song: Back To You. Pero gusto ko rin ang Daughters at saka Why Georgia.
4. Super-gaga over **** pala itong si Sanya. Dinisclose niya sa isang heart-to-heart talk namin. Wehehehe... OK lang yan. Di ko pagkakalat.
5. Amoy plastic balloon ang vodka. Sa tinagal tagal ko nang umiinom ng vodka-based drinks, nun ko lang nalaman na amoy plastic balloon nga siya. Thanks to Kacey.

Nagpunta kami ni Val sa Dusit Hotel Makati kahapon para makapili kami ng university na gusto naming pasukan sa Europe. Pero mas naging interesado ako kay Hazel and Kat (mga representatives from UK). Ang ganda-ganda nila. Si Hazel ay mukhang may Indian blood. Si Kat naman, Korean or Chinese siguro. Basta ang gaganda nila. And I love their accent --- very British. At mula ngayon, kapag nasa Makati area ako, dun na lang pala ako tatambay sa Smoking Lounge ng Dusit Hotel. Mas OK dun kesa sa Ice Monster booth sa Glorietta.

I so love this Craig David song...

Rain outside my window pouring down
what now, you're gone, my fault, I'm sorry
feeling like a fool cause I let you down
now it's too late to turn it around
I'm sorry for the tears I've made you cry
I guess this time it really is goodbye
you made it clear when you said
"I just don't love you no more"

written by yoshke at 05:46 pm
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nov 22 2005

 The Distance - Evan & Jaron


by Yoshke Dimen

a "what to do in case of fire" pamphlet
one, two, under the cabinet

my birth certificate
one, two, inside my closet

my winning lotto ticket
one, two, in the garbage basket

a scratch paper with your name on it
one two...
one two...
one two...

it will never land.
it will never leave my hand.


*Blogger's original work. To those who would dare plagiarise, as Ayn said it, may the wrath of heaven and hell fall upon them.

written by yoshke at 11:23 pm
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Nov 14 2005

Psychological Drama
 Shadow - Ashlee Simpson

"...It used to be so hard being me...."

written by yoshke at 09:41 pm
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nov 13 2005

Score: Be With You - Atomic Kitten
Pegs: Jologs

Shet, it looks like I won't be able to regularly watch Pinoy Big Brother Uplate because 5 out of my 6 classes are in the 7am-11:30am slot. Oh well, that's life. Anyway, the only reason my eyes are glued to the TV screen every early morning/ late night is Mariel Rodriguez. I so crush Mariel (but I still love you-know-who, wahaha). But I really don't like her in PBB Yes or No. Mukha siyang ewan dun. Pero, I so adore her in PBB Uplate. She's very entertaining. Sobrang kalog, sobrang kwela, sobrang ganda. Too bad, I won't catch her anymore. Enough of this Dina Bonnevie clone.

And oh, Jenny is out. Sana talaga si Franzen na lang ang na-evict. I really don't like him.

Buong araw kahapon, labas-pasok ako sa iba't ibang mini-stop branches. At 12 midnight, I met up with Josh and went to a Mini-Stop store in Teachers' Village. Kumustahan lang. Yung trip niya to China last sembreak, usapang France ulit (yan ang mahirap pag may French blood ang kausap), acads and his surprisingly low GWA last sem, etc. We parted ways and I needed to get enough sleep because the following morning, I would have to face the whole executive committee of one of my orgs for our EB planning.

I got up at 7am and was already in Shaw Boulevard at 8:30am. But I didn't know how to get to Misha's place so I stayed at another Mini-Stop store. It was a nice meeting really. [Thanks Trix, Kriz, MishaTez, Dimples and Aina. Pati na rin si Rina.] Daming na-resolve. Daming plano. New start. I'm excited (again).

After the EB planning, I had to talk to Tez for another planning --- this time, specifically for UFO (United Film Organisations). We were at another Mini-Stop store somewhere near the Rizal Provincial Hall. I just hope that most of the film/mascom orgs here in UP will cooperate.

At 6pm, I rushed to Ayn's place for the Team Building Seminar of another org of mine. But when I got there, the seminar was over. But they were having a little open forum so I joined in. It was a fun night. I felt so light (whatever that means). It was one of the happiest moments of my college life. Nag-alisan na ang iba after. The only ones left were Kepi, Frances, Icang, Ayn (of course, bahay niya yun e), Dohna, Glenn, Vince, KZ and Nep.

Nagutom kami ng 2am so lumabas kami para bumili ng food sa isa na namang Mini-Stop. May nangyareng nakakatawa but I'd rather not mention here. When we got back, we watched Shutter. I liked it. Hindi ko pa rin makalimutan yung image sa utak ko until now. Decent review to follow.

We spent the entire night at Ayn's place.

written by yoshke at 08:23 pm
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